Mountain Bike Reviews

MTBR website offers marketers access to the largest audience of North American mountain bike enthusiasts, reaching more than 3.6 million mountain and road cycling enthusiasts monthly.

Mountain Biking Reviews

Online Media Kit for Clients


To plan a successful marketing campaign, the marketers needed to plan ahead of time and understand the specs for skins, email ads and other ad opportunities on the site. This was previously done through emails and pdfs. An online version with all details, examples and instructions was needed to free up Sales Team engagement.


The goal of this project was to put together all sales material and organize it in a way where marketers clearly understand what they need to plan their campaign.


3 Sales Representatives, 1 Developer, 1 Designer

My Responsibilities included:

  • Reviewing business requirements & clients needs
  • Researching how to create effective online kit
  • Prioritizing users goals for navigation
  • Creating wireframes, presenting and discussing with a team
  • Illustrations and infographics
  • Creating in-browser mockups for validation

Email Promotions

Marketers needed to understand what opportunities they can sponsor in MTBR Newsletter. I worked directly with clients' brands style guides and their ad agencies to modify the content if needed.

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