Document Management

The goal of this project was to empower attorneys, investigators, paralegals and admins with tools that improve the department's file management, increase the efficiency of their work and create system that allows to add value to documents as they travel through the enterprise organization.

Improved versioning, permissioning, tagging and search of legal documents.


Alfresco Document Management project started with a review of existing features of the legacy system and evaluating their effectiveness for the specific group of users. Reviewing other commercially available software and its basic features helped us to uncover solutions quick and incorporate the standard features that users were already familiar with. This also allowed us to focus on specific painpoints and craft unique solutions for the regulatory work.


Improve sharing, versioning, approving, tagging and searching for working documents within enforcement group.


1 Product Manager, 1 Information Architect, 1 Business Analyst, 4 Developers, 1 Designer

My Responsibilities included:

  • Mapping user needs through user interviews and understanding of business procedures
  • Testing existing features and evaluating the features in the current system
  • Sketching ideas with users, discussing solutions and coming up with specific unique workflows
  • Designing branding and vision presentations for stakeholders
  • Prototyping and testing new features:
    • Versioning: delete, rename and share a specific version
    • Flatenning: view of documents of folders on a case level with business required structured folder hierarchy
    • Printing: print documents metadata and document copies for court hearings
    • Tagging: establish rules for tagging to improve search and tracking the effectiveness of regulatory actions
    • Clipping: collect documents from several different folders through clipboard for easy copy, move or download
  • Working with dev team on UI implementation
  • Improving error messaging
  • Testing and improving Microsoft Office plugin and its overall user experience
  • Creating user guides and training materials
Document Management

Heuristic Evaluation

After user interviews uncovered specific features for the enforcement group, I researched how features like flattening, versioning and approving of documents behave in commercially available software that other similar law firms use. This helped me to stay focused on delivering standard patterns common in industry while focusing on unique features. For this purpose I created a matrix of existing and desired features per object (file format, folder, matter folder, batch) to help keep track of all user stories.

Document Management

User Flows

Based on user research and evaluation of other patterns, I have created flowcharts and sitemaps that helped to visualize interactions within a system by laying out the screens of an application in one large document and drawing the connections between related screen elements.

Document Management

Prototyping & Testing

Wireframes and high-fidelity mockups I created were used to validate our ideas. Testing was often conducted with a smaller group of selected users or sent via a survey to a larger group.

Document Management